Our Mission

To provide temporary assistance to women facing life-changing circumstances by bridging the gap between the resources they have and the resources they need. We hope to help lift our sisters, mothers, daughters out of crisis and back into becoming all they are meant to be.

Our Story

Early on, there was an idea to gather some local female artists to perform together and help someone.

There was no recipient at the time, no cause, brand, or mission yet, but a dream to start an organization to merge a passion for helping others with a passion for making music.

Our founding lady found her voice against all odds during her battle with cancer. She focused heavily on creating the branding, the iconic logo, the mission, and the first fantastic event impacting our first beneficiary profoundly.

Together with the extraordinary ladies who rocked that year, and many volunteers, the first-ever LWR4AC event happened in 2015.

Every year we have pushed boundaries with the intention to spread our wings and take as many women as we can under them.

Impacting the lives of many beneficiaries, raising awareness of causes, and empowering female musicians to use their voices to help others ever since, we established ourselves as a non-profit with 501(c)3 designation on November 17th, 2020.

Our Goal

Is to be able to continue holding our annual events and to continue to grow our organization to help others all year long.

We have added to our team of volunteers, and have just begun rolling out our Ambassador Program with esteemed individuals who share and are passionate about our specific vision. More information coming soon!

Lifting others

Our music events have benefited cancer patients, siblings with Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy, house fire victims, and more. We have also contributed to other causes such as "The Sunshine Foundation", the "Coalition Against Trafficking of Women", "Christine's Hope For Children" and more. In addition to our event beneficiaries, we strive to help individuals in need throughout the year. This is made possible by the kindness of private donors, event goers and the volunteers who help us continue our mission.

The Why


From the dawn of time, the human spirit has been one of overcoming. We gain strength and confidence as we tackle our trials, cultivating profound gratitude along the way (and we’ve loved music, too!).

But there's that critical moment when rebounding seems impossible. We lose hope; our dreams yield to surviving; our purpose is abandoned as we lean into fear. This moment is paralyzing.

For our founding lady, there was much to overcome and often nowhere to turn, including Breast Cancer.

This frustration deepened her desire to help others in this same boat.

Creating music was a miracle cure in many ways. It propelled her into a music career, ignited her purpose, and inspired her to find a way to harness this force to help others— and LWR4AC® was born.

We leverage the unifying power of music by planning charitable music festivals and merging the joy of music with doing good in the world.

It is a powerful symbiotic alliance.

Empowering female artists, by providing a platform to use their voices to give back, is also all full circle moment. Fighting for, and using your voice, is something we can all relate to.

When we come together, much like our tribal ancestors, we help others find hope when there seems to be none.

Our Team

Sharon Lia on the GRAMMY® Red Carpet
Sharon Lia on the GRAMMY® Red Carpet

Founder and CEO
Creative Director and Event Producer
Musician, singer, composer/lyricist/songwriter, recording artist, and producer at Sharon Lia Band/Sharrick Records


Rick Jannotti on the GRAMMY® Red Carpet
Rick Jannotti on the GRAMMY® Red Carpet

Treasurer and Co-Founder
IT Specialist & Event Producer
Musician, songwriter, engineer, and producer at Sharon Lia Band/Sharrick Records


Kathryn Shipley
Kathryn Shipley
Vocalist/Recording Artist
Nashville, TN

More being announced soon!