Our Second Event   6-11-16


​Our first event helped Cancer Victim Cristi Honea.   Sharon heard about Cristi through her publicist moments after receiving her second radiation treatment.  It was an emotional day, and getting this call set in motion something Sharon knew she wanted to do.  Helping this mother of three, who was fighting the bravest fight of her life, became the the genesis of a seed becoming a tree. 

By October 2015 Sharon, Dawn, Kelly and the ladies who wanted to rock to help others had a mssion and a goal, and held the first ever LWR4AC ® music concert.

"We called Cristi via Facetime, the entire crowd grew silent as we all shared in this emotional moment with this brave warrior.  There was not a dry eye in the house, and Cristi was amazing to see and hear."  

We planned on meeting one day, and hoped that that day would happen but she became quite ill and lost her battle with cancer 9 months later.

We miss her so very much and will never forget her.

Our Inaugural Indoor Event   10-17-15

Our Third Event    10-22-16

We have been able to help several people in different walks of life and small foundations who help to spread our donation to those in their reach.  Its as much about the event goers as it is about the artists volunteering.  Without their support, we could not raise the funds to help these people in need, and we thank them for that.

Our beneficiares entire outlook changes with the act of kindness they recieve from veritable strangers. 
Their testimonials can be found in videos, social media comments, and thank you notes and their impact on us is just as powerful.

Some of the stories: 

Cristi Honea, Mother of 3, Cancer Victim, She was our inaugural beneficiary whom our founder met on her path during her own cancer treatment. “We facetimed her during our first ever event, there was not a dry eye in the crowd and she was so moved. That inspiration alone, that all these caring people coming together provide on her behalf, gave her so much will to fight.”

​Ryan and Jack Palm
,  Two young brothers, Duchenne MD Victims.  “Our Prom To Remember” raised money to help the family provide medical ly neccessary accessabilyt in their home” 

Wendy Betz, Local Musician, Cancer Victim.  “She hoped to be one of the Ladies one day, she lost her battle but, when she was a brave fighter, she was so emotionally charged when she knew what we were doing for her and that alone gave her faith”

​The next story is being written.....


Christine was in Haiti doing something she was very passionate about, when tragedy struck.  She was there when the earthquake struck, doing what she was passionate about which was helping people, especially children less fortunate than herself.

​This foundation's mission is to continue to spread the love and hope through Christine for many years to come and we were very happy to support their mission. 

For more information please visit


​We turned to a local family in need.  A family who's two son's were diagnosed with a debilitating disease.  There is no cure, but, life with this disease can be managed, but it is not easy.  

We held a "Prom To Remember" to raise money for this family to put toward renovating their home to be wheelchair accessible.

It was alot of fun and the boys are doing well, but will need continuing help.  Please look them up if you would like to know more or to help!  Ryan and Jack FIght Back!


Perhaps one of the most emotional events to date.  This warrior was a local singer who was loved by many and she herself had often performed for fundraisers that helped other people in need.

It was very heartwarming to be able to say we could give back to her for all that she had "given it forward" to others on her own journey.

She wanted to join the Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause one day when she got better and we were pulling for her.  She lost her battle with cancer not too long after our event, but she was so touched by the love and the impact that was made on her heart will be an everlasting reminder to us of why we do what we do.